Chateau of Love series

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Girl-next-door Phoebe burns for two men at once.

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Will m’Lady ever know the sweetness of his embrace?
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No one would be willing to give up
everything for someone else, right?

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Can true love conquer?

Betrayal confuses, jealousy interferes, a battle rages. Yet love will find a way in this sexy medieval romance.

It’s 1355 in France, and Phoebe is torn between her childhood crush and her current beau.

Tristen is a seasoned warrior, an actual knight in armor. Louie is but a warrior-in-training.

Both of them love her. She is a beautiful young blonde thing after all, and sweet as can be.

A betrayal throws everything into chaos. At the same time, jealousy rears its ugly head.

In the final thrilling medieval battle when Tristen’s band of outlaws tries to sack the castle, Louie and Tristen face off.

Can true love shine through?

If you like a sexy, adventurous romance in a historical setting that ends in happily ever after, then you’ll love Chateau of Desire.

Get Monica Bentley's "Chateau of Longing" on Amazon

He’s Master of the Guard. She’s m’Lady of the castle. Can they be together?

France, 1356

Chateau Brionde has survived an attack, but the Lord of the castle did not. Lela’s now at the mercy of the King. He could marry her off to anyone using her property for a political alliance. She doesn’t have a say in the matter.

But she’s in love with John, the gruff, muscular Master of the Guard. If only he were nobility!

Enter Marcel, her handsome – and charming – childhood friend. Marcel is now a count in his own right, and eager for advancement in the eyes of the King. Their marriage would be perfect for him. And the key to forgetting about John.


If you like love stories full of adventure, betrayal and ultimate happiness, then you’ll love Chateau of Longing.