Desert Blooms series – Coming soon!

Saddle up for Monica Bentley’s saga of the Wild West in her next trilogy, the Desert Blooms series. We begin with Black Petals
Aksa is tired. Tired of being on the run, tired of seeing her face on WANTED posters, tired of mothering Billy the Kid and his gang. When will she ever meet a real man, who holds her all night long?

Chateau of Love series

France, 1350s
English King Edward III’s wars of conquest in France provide the glittering backdrop for this thrilling, moving series of three heroines – a kitchen scamp, a countess, a witch – who grow to positions of power in this male-dominated culture of the Middle Ages.

Over 7,000 copies sold!

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First love blushes as a castle burns.

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This woman uses the corridors of power to humble a King.

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Her tower is the prison that finally sets her free.

Get Monica Bentley's "Chateau of Desire" on Amazon
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Get Monica Bentley's "Chateau of Longing" on Amazon